Large Next Testicle, Normal but Dangerous Conditions

The size of one large testicle often makes men worry. The size of the testes that is slightly different between the right and left is actually normal as long as it is not accompanied by pain. But if the size difference is large enough, you should be vigilant. The testicles or testicles are oval-shaped organs that hang in the scrotum behind the penis. Adult male testes have a size of about 15 ml (about the size of a bird's egg) to 35 mL (about the size of a native chicken egg). The main function of the testes is to store and produce sperm, and produce testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for physical changes at puberty. Puberty in men begins at the age of 9-14 years and can last until age 21 years. At puberty, boys will experience rapid physical changes into adult men. Changes that occur include sound becoming heavier, growing hair around the intimate part, and enlarging of the reproductive organs. Physically, when puberty enlarges the size of the penis a
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